Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Card Storage Calendar

Hey there! Wanted to share a birthday calendar I made for my sister. Each page is a pocket that stores handmade cards for the holidays or birthdays in that month.  I used Tim Holtz trimmings elastic with the ends stitched to make the ruffled band to hold the binder closed.  I didn't write who's birthday was when because my sister's handwriting is so much prettier than mine! All stamps are Papertrey Ink, as is the binder and pages. The front is covered with Pink Paislee Parisian Anthology paper inked with Tumbled Glass and Broken China Distress ink. The interior is stamped using CTMH Lagoon ink. Let me know what you think!

So I used my new light tent to take these photos. What an evil little contraption that thing is! The velcro for the front and the backdrop doesn't line up, it annoyed my tremendously. Anyway, I think I need more light, this was just with my Ott-lite and a halogen desk lamp. I will have to try again with better lighting and more time to fiddle with the tent.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Whoa! Ok so the best laid plans right? Since my last post we have had 2 snow storms, the second dropping 6 inches. But the more I tried to get my room ready to post, the bigger the mess got! At this moment, every flat surface in my house (with exception of the bathroom counter, I do have limits people!) is covered in supplies or a project in some state of completion.  How did that happen? Is my attention span that sporadic?

I scrapped the build it yourself photo tent idea because the cpvc cost $14 and Amazon had a 30" collapsible tent for $30 with free shipping. I figured by the time I bought the material to cover the cpvc, it would be a wash. I got the Amazon one, and as soon as I have a clear surface to take pics on, I plan on testing it out.

I have been working on my version of this project from One Lucky Day. I'm loving it and it is almost done!

In the midst of the craftnado, I packaged up some cute project kits for some friends of mine to do at a crop next week. I think they turned out super cute! Will post pics. We will be making this... I originally got the kit from JBS Mercantile and then just bought the pieces to make the kits for them since JBS didn't have any more.

I finished some watchart and neckart kits I've had for awhile. I put one together when I got them forever ago, but some of the beads were just to big for my liking so from 2 watchart kits, I actually got 2 watchbands AND 2 necklace dangles!!!! Yay! And speaking of Scarlet Lime, the sweet Christy Tomlinson posted a free mixed media project. I really want to learn how to do this!

I made my sister a necklace charm and a couple of cards also. I also made a drawer for under my Ikea Vika desktop, measured wrong, took it apart, cut it down, finally mounted it and am not sure it will stay. The idea is great, a place to keep cutting mat, cutter, nonstick mat and such so my desk is clear, but my execution of it totally stunk!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days = Crafty Days!

Well I hate to disappoint, but no cruddy quality pictures to share today! :) We have had a week of icy roads and cold temps, so I have actually gotten to spend some time in my craft room. I spent the last two days reorganizing/getting ready to post a tour! Since the last pictures I posted were so poor, I also got the supplies I needed to make a light tent for taking photos of projects and whatnot. I found this tutorial online, purchased the few supplies required, and can't wait to get it together and try it out.

On another note, there are a ton of CHA project pics popping up on all the blogs! I hate waiting for the product to come in, having no idea when it is supposed to ship. Patience is not one of my virtues, ha!
Tammy has shared all of her projects on her blog.
Laura posted her projects that Tim asked her to do for his booth! Check out her blog.

We got another couple inches of snow today, so I may get to finish up my room and post a tour!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper Flowers!

Warning! Poor quality photos to follow! Taking pictures at night with my iphone yields less than quality results.

I wanted to give making paper flowers using punches a try. I have seen this book referenced several times on the internet, and though I did not buy it, it peaked my interest. I purchased this punch by Punch Bunch and this one by Martha Stewart. The two flowers below are my only attempts so far, and though the process caused some hand cramps, I am pleased with the results. I am thinking of buying the McGill paper blossoms leaf punches to go with my flowers. I think they may be a little easier on the hands.


I inked the edges of the red rose with fired brick distress ink, it was a bit thinner paper with a different texture than normal cardstock, Wausau paper I think. It seemed a little easier to use, and turned out a little better. The orange flower is just standard white core cardstock inked with Adirondack Terra Cotta Dye Ink on the edges. It is supposed to be a peony, I'll have to try again with a thinner cardstock maybe. I inked each individual petal before assembling them, I want to try inking after assembly and darker cardstock inked with a lighter shade.