Sunday, February 13, 2011


Whoa! Ok so the best laid plans right? Since my last post we have had 2 snow storms, the second dropping 6 inches. But the more I tried to get my room ready to post, the bigger the mess got! At this moment, every flat surface in my house (with exception of the bathroom counter, I do have limits people!) is covered in supplies or a project in some state of completion.  How did that happen? Is my attention span that sporadic?

I scrapped the build it yourself photo tent idea because the cpvc cost $14 and Amazon had a 30" collapsible tent for $30 with free shipping. I figured by the time I bought the material to cover the cpvc, it would be a wash. I got the Amazon one, and as soon as I have a clear surface to take pics on, I plan on testing it out.

I have been working on my version of this project from One Lucky Day. I'm loving it and it is almost done!

In the midst of the craftnado, I packaged up some cute project kits for some friends of mine to do at a crop next week. I think they turned out super cute! Will post pics. We will be making this... I originally got the kit from JBS Mercantile and then just bought the pieces to make the kits for them since JBS didn't have any more.

I finished some watchart and neckart kits I've had for awhile. I put one together when I got them forever ago, but some of the beads were just to big for my liking so from 2 watchart kits, I actually got 2 watchbands AND 2 necklace dangles!!!! Yay! And speaking of Scarlet Lime, the sweet Christy Tomlinson posted a free mixed media project. I really want to learn how to do this!

I made my sister a necklace charm and a couple of cards also. I also made a drawer for under my Ikea Vika desktop, measured wrong, took it apart, cut it down, finally mounted it and am not sure it will stay. The idea is great, a place to keep cutting mat, cutter, nonstick mat and such so my desk is clear, but my execution of it totally stunk!

Thanks for looking!

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